More Travel – Less Reporting

It is time for another change. I have decided to reduce my motorsport writing and move the focus of this blog to motorsport travel.

There will be even more epic writing which will embed me in the story; I’ll tell it from my perspective. It’s a style that encourages an honest voice, sharing my most important opinions and facts about the logistics of getting to an event.

Where possible, I will take the road less travelled, I’ll avoid flying if I can, and I will always look for the most eco-friendly ways of getting about along with affordable places to stay.

Once at the event, I’ll find the best places to see all of the action, seek out the best eateries and tell you about the facilities available. Of course, I will still let you know what happened in the race, but that will be more of an “edited highlights”, rather than a full blow race report! I haven’t worked out the new format in its entirety just yet, but rest assured, it will be easily digestible.

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