Porsche Carrera Cup GB Knockhill – Qualifying

Michael Meadows stormed back to the head of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Knockhill today (Saturday 23 August) by taking two pole positions ahead of rounds 12 and 13 on Sunday.

Meadows (Samsung UHD TV Racing) mastered difficult track conditions to claim a double pole and pull back two points on championship leader Josh Webster (Redline Racing). Meanwhile, Jordan Witt (Redline Racing) and impressive newcomer Carol Brown (In2 Racing) set the pace in the Pro-Am1 and Pro-Am2 categories respectively.

Heavy rain before qualifying left the track very wet at the start of the half-hour session and, although it didn’t rain again, the conditions did not generally improve as drivers battled with rising temperatures on their wet weather tyres.

Meadows made the best of the session to go a fifth of a second quicker than Jimenez, while Webster was third fastest for both grids. For Meadows, having Jimenez ahead of Webster for the start of both races is an important development as he tries to chip away Webster’s championship lead.


Pepe Massot (Parr Motorsport) ran a strong fourth before the fastest of the Pro-Am1 racers. Redline Racing team mates Witt and Rob Smith headed the category, while local racer Carol Brown continued her excellent Carrera Cup debut by heading the closely-fought Pro-Am2 category. Steven Liquorish (Team Parker Racing) and Peter Kyle-Henney (Parr Motorsport) lapped within a fifth of a second of Brown to set the scene for some more fine racing in Pro-Am2.


Michael Meadows (Samsung UHD TV Racing) fastest overall:
“It’s good to be back! I’ve got to take everything I can get. As soon as we went out the car was good. But later in the session the times dropped off as the tyre temperatures were going up.”

Victor Jimenez (Redline Racing) second fastest overall:
“The conditions were very difficult and the track was very slippery at the start. I had to push every lap and the tyres were getting too hot. “

Jordan Witt (Redline Racing) fastest in Pro-Am1:
“Testing on Tuesday was my first time here. The car was definitely good, but the track conditions got worse as it started to get a bit drier.”

Rob Smith (Redline Racing) second fastest in Pro-Am1:
“It’s my first time here and I like the wet, so I didn’t mind that at all. You cannot comprehend the grip that the car has got in the wet.”

Carol Brown (In2 Racing): fastest in Pro-Am2:
“I maybe heated the wets up too much and we sat out the last five minutes of the session. But Pro-Am2 pole is very good, even though the times are very close.”

Round 12 grid:
Pro category: 1 Michael Meadows 53.664s; 2 Victor Jimenez 53.875s; 3 Josh Webster 53.947s.
Pro-Am1 category: 1 Jordan Witt 54.455s; 2 Rob Smith 54.807s; 3 Justin Sherwood 55.449s.
Pro-Am2 category: 1 Carol Brown 55.851s; 2 Steven Liquorish 55.920s; 3 Peter Kyle-Henney 56.028s.

Round 13 grid:
Pro category: 1 Meadows 53.757s; 2 Jimenez 53.971s; 3 Webster; 54.046s.
Pro-Am1 category: 1 Witt 54.464s; 2 Smith 54.928s; 3 Sherwood; 55.601s.
Pro-Am2 category: 1 Brown 55.869s; 2 Liquorish 56.010s; 3 Kyle-Henney 56.082s.