2016 – We’re Back

The back-end of 2015 has been a challenge for RSR’s survival.

Illness and a small financial crisis had put pay to my plans of world domination.

Having to put the blog on hold while I dealt with the important things in my life, has, in the eyes of some of my readers, been a step too far. I’ve had dozens of e-mails demanding an explanation as to the abrupt discontinuation of service that occurred. I had started to answer many of them, but had to abandon that too as things developed that required my fullest attention.

So here we are; Christmas has come and gone, the New Year celebrations are over and life in the Western world is beginning to get back to the normal daily grind.  I’ve managed to put all of the issues that had prevented me from writing here behind me, and am now putting together a plan to continue with this blog.

Porsche racing is still the main focus, along with news about the best road cars on the planet. I’ll be making much more of an effort to visit Porsche club meets and shows, as well as doing my best to find a few contributors to help flesh The Rennsport Report out a bit more. If you or anyone you know thinks they would like to get involved and fancies writing a few posts or contributing photography to be featured here, please get in touch via the contact form.

Another side project I’ve been working on is also coming along quite nicely. Rad Roads is still in its infancy but will also be developed further during 2016.

So to those of you that jumped ship thinking RSR was on the way to the bottom of the ocean, I say “I told you so!”, to everyone else I say welcome back and watch this space.


By Jean-Paul Hackett