Time For a Change – Redux

A few years back, I wrote about how I needed to make changes to this blog, making it easier for me to post news regularly. A lot has changed since then, and for a while, I wrote for another popular motorsport website. Unfortunately, that didn’t last, although I did learn a hell of a lot in the nine months that I was doing that job.

So, I picked up writing here once again, but I tried to cover too many disciplines, stretching myself too thin and not producing the quality and quantity of writing that I would like to.

Having brainstormed for a few weeks, I have decided to go back to the ideas that I had for The Rennsport Report that I wrote about in the 2016 article. To keep things simple, most of what I write about will be about Porsche and the races that they compete in. I’m hoping that I will generate some interest from writers and photographers looking for an outlet for what they do, so if and when that happens, the blog will change to accommodate them.

That’s all I want to say for now.

Until next time, adieu.

By Jean-Paul Hackett